Ivan Pepelnjak, an internetworking veteran and author of numerous Cisco Press books and advanced technical trainings (including the first BGP, OSPF, EIGRP and MPLS VPN courses offered by Cisco in Europe) has created a series of webinars, workshops and online courses covering advanced and emerging internetworking technologies, from data center technologies to overlay networking, software-defined networking and OpenFlow.

The workshops are available on-site, online courses and webinars are available as live virtual classroom sessions, and you can get the webinars as downloadable videos.

Below is the list of currently available webinars; if you have at least ten students and would like to schedule a customized webinar or on-site workshop, contact us.

By Technology

Software-Defined Networking, OpenFlow and NFV

Network Automation and Programmability

Cloud Computing and Cloud Networking

Docker and DevOps

Network and Server Virtualization

Data Center Technologies


IPv6 Design and Deployment


Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Other Webinars

Some webinars might be listed in more than one category. Update sessions with a title different than the main webinar title might also be in this listing. Visit this page for the most accurate listing of webinars included with ipSpace.net subscription

By Complexity

Eye openers




Recent webinars

Live sessions

The following live events (webinars, workshops or online courses) are scheduled in the near future:

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Custom webinars

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