IPv6 trilogy

This exciting offer includes four highly successful webinars that will help you understand, design, deploy and secure IPv6 in an enterprise or service provider network:

  • Enterprise IPv6 - the first steps describes the impact of IPv6 on a typical enterprise network and the first steps you have to take to get prepared for the transition;
  • Service Provider IPv6 Introduction will help you understand the need for immediate IPv6 deployment in your Service Provider network;
  • Building Large IPv6 Service Provider Networks describes the intricate details of IPv6 access networks (including wireless, DSL and fiber) and core transport technologies. It also provides detailed design and deployment guidelines..
  • IPv6 Security documents the security implications of IPv6 or dual-stack deployments and the mechanisms you can use to make your IPv6 network secure.

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The webinars included in the IPv6 trilogy form the core of the IPv6 roadmap.

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Enterprise IPv6 - the First Steps: This webinar describes the basics of IPv6 and helps you understand typical IPv6 deployment scenarios, IPv6 security implications, and the first steps you need to take to deploy IPv6 in your network.

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IPv6 Security: This webinar describes the major IPv6 security challenges (including layer-2 attacks, DoS attacks, eavesdropping and session hijacking), the countermeasures you can take, and Cisco IOS features that can help you build secure IPv6 infrastructure.

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Service Provider IPv6 Introduction: The ideal starting point for Service Provider engineers facing introduction of IPv6-based services. This webinar describes the differences between IPv4 and IPv6, core and access network design options, transition scenarios and typical IPv6 rollouts.

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Building Large IPv6 Networks: This webinar covers all you need to know about designing and configuring large-scale IPv6 core or access networks. It covers dual-stack deployment, 6PE and 6VPE options and all major routing protocols (BGP, OSPFv2/v3, IS-IS). Access network section describes SLAAC, DHCPv6 and RADIUS issues you’ll likely encounter when deploying IPv6.

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